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In my "early retirement"  from Lufthansa 

I landed 1993 as an Immigrant to the Philippines.

In 1993, when I took my early retirement from Civil Aviation - most recently in the traffic management for LUFTHANSA in Munich - I landed in Visayas / Central Phililippines.
Subsequently I was 1995 invited by Visayan Media as Journist and Correspondent in Newspapers and AM-Radiostations.

Speciality: promotion of Philippine tourism and research for stories - "Background to the Headline". Then I had a format in in  Radyo Veritas Bacolod and in Radio Familia Cebu: "Classics & More" to broadcast classical music.


Im "Vorruhestand"  von Lufthansa 

landete ich 1993 als  Immigrant in den Philippines.


1995 wurde ich von Visayan Medien zur Mitarbeit eingeladen und schrieb für Tageszeitungen bzw. war Moderator für AM-Radiostationen in Bacolod und Cebu.

Spezialität: Promotion von philippinischem Tourismus sowie Recherche "Hintergrund zur Schlagzeile". Dann hatte ich ein Radio-Programm "Follow Me - The Travel & Tourism Magazine on Air" in Bacolod sowie "Classics & More" in Cebu, in dem ich klassische Musik spielte und Geschichten erzählte.

Alfred Nigel Bruckner - " FOLLOW ME " - I N D E X

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Alfred Nigel Bruckner

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Alfred Nigel Bruckner - Member / Mitglied Münchner Sicherheitsforum

Lion Betty & Mjf Alfred Nigel Bruckner

Betty & Alfred

At Home in Bacolod Alijis


Betty .... at home

Lion Betty & Mjf Alfred Bruckner

Lions Clubs International Foundation - Bacolod City Host Lions Club

"Honeymoon" May / June 2014

Bacolod City - Plaza

The best native coffee in Bacolod

Basilica San Sebastian Bacolod

"Wedding Bells" / "Hochzeitsglocken"

San Sebastian Basilica in Bacolod / Negros Occidental

65th Lions District 301 Convention

65th Lions District 301 Convention

"Honeymoon" May / June 2014

Negros Museum in Bacolod

"Sugar and Other Negros Tales"


"Feeding Program" for Children

Bacolod City Host Lions Club - MD 301 B1

"Honeymoon" May / June 2014

Fresh Buko / Frische Kokosnüsse

Alfred - Orphanage "Holy Infant Nursery"

Betty Orphanage "Holy Infant Nusery"

Alfred Nigel Bruckner, Tourist Guide

Mount Kanla-on Volcano (2,465m) and National Park - Central Negros

Santa Clara Chapel in Bacolod Mandalagan

Mary with Jesus in a landscape - made of more than 97,000 shells.

Chapel of the "Angry Christ"

In V M C - Victorias Milling Company, Negros

"Cartwheel Chapel"

In Hacienda "Santa Rosario" near Victoria City in Negros

Railway with 1 hp

on the tracks of the former railway to transport the sugar cane to the VMC - Victoria Milling Company in Negros.