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Writer  /   Publicist

1993  Immigrant  in the  Philippines.

In 1993, when I took my early retirement from Civil Aviation - most recently in the traffic management for LUFTHANSA in Munich - I landed in Visayas / Central Phililippines.
Subsequently I was 1995 invited by Visayan Media as Journist and Correspondent in Newspapers and AM-Radiostations.

Speciality: promotion of Philippine tourism and research for stories - "Background to the Headline". Then I had a format in in  Radyo Veritas Bacolod and in Radio Familia Cebu: "Classics & More" to broadcast classical music.

I like doing research for friends in the media.

Since 25 April 2017 I'm at "Tabor" in Steyr / Upper Austria.


Im "Vorruhestand"  von Lufthansa 

1995 wurde ich von Visayan Medien zur Mitarbeit eingeladen und schrieb für Tageszeitungen bzw. war Moderator für AM-Radiostationen in Bacolod und Cebu.


Spezialität: Promotion von philippinischem Tourismus sowie Recherche "Hintergrund zur Schlagzeile". Dann hatte ich ein Radio-Programm "Follow Me - The Travel & Tourism Magazine on Air" in Bacolod sowie "Classics & More" in Cebu, in dem ich klassische Musik spielte und Geschichten erzählte.

Ich unternehme gerne Recherche für Freunde in den Medien.

Seit 25. April 2017 I'm at "Tabor" in Steyr / Upper Austria.

Alfred Nigel Bruckner - " FOLLOW ME " - I N D E X

Alfred Bruckner - A B N C - NEWS & COMMENTARIES

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Alfred Nigel Bruckner

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Alfred Nigel Bruckner - Member / Mitglied Münchner Sicherheitsforum

Betty & Alfred

At Home in Bacolod Alijis


Betty .... at home

Lion Betty & Mjf Alfred Bruckner

Lions Clubs International Foundation - Bacolod City Host Lions Club

"Honeymoon" May / June 2014

Bacolod City - Plaza

The best native coffee in Bacolod

Basilica San Sebastian Bacolod

"Wedding Bells" / "Hochzeitsglocken"

San Sebastian Basilica in Bacolod / Negros Occidental

65th Lions District 301 Convention

65th Lions District 301 Convention

"Honeymoon" May / June 2014

Negros Museum in Bacolod

"Sugar and Other Negros Tales"


"Feeding Program" for Children

Bacolod City Host Lions Club - MD 301 B1

"Honeymoon" May / June 2014

Fresh Buko / Frische Kokosnüsse

Alfred - Orphanage "Holy Infant Nursery"

Betty Orphanage "Holy Infant Nusery"

Alfred Nigel Bruckner, Tourist Guide

Mount Kanla-on Volcano (2,465m) and National Park - Central Negros

Santa Clara Chapel in Bacolod Mandalagan

Mary with Jesus in a landscape - made of more than 97,000 shells.

Chapel of the "Angry Christ"

In V M C - Victorias Milling Company, Negros

"Cartwheel Chapel"

In Hacienda "Santa Rosario" near Victoria City in Negros

Railway with 1 hp

on the tracks of the former railway to transport the sugar cane to the VMC - Victoria Milling Company in Negros.