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Alfred Nigel Bruckner

Pensioner, 72, Publicist

Melvin Jones Fellow (LCIF)
Lions Clubs International Foundation 
Bacolod City Host Lions Club - MD 301 B1


Upper Austria - Munich / Bavaria - Cebu and Bacolod / Philippines

Since 2017 at "Tabor" in the City of Steyr - in my home country Upper Austria

Taborweg 27, 4400 Steyr / Austria
Phone: +43 (0)7252 / 944 35
Mobile: +43 (0)650 234 9128



C u r r i c u l u m    V i t a e  -  for more click >>  Biography 

1946 - Born June 27th - Childhood, School in Altenfelden, Neufelden, Steyr

1961 - Linz - Commercial office training

1965 - Linz, Selzthal - in Austrian Federal Railways

1966 - Moved to Munich - German Railways - Married to Monika

1967 - Salzburg, Hörsching - Austrian Airforce / "Weather"

1968 - Divorced from Monika in Landshut / Bavaria

1971 - Moved to Munich - German Railways

1972 - Air Traffic Control School / as required Pilot Civil Aviation

1972 - L u f t h a n s a - Operations on Munich Airport

1972 - Cohabitation with widow Rosmarie and two daughters

1975 - Incidentally for American Express and ABH Travel Services

1984 - T i m e p e n s i o n ... at times in Palm Beach / Florida

1986 - Back to Lufthansa Munich - Traffic Management / Quality Team

1986 - Moved to Glonn near Ebersberg in Bavaria

1987 - June 23rd - Married to Catalina, a Filipina, in Quezon City 

1989 - Catalina became an Austrian

1993 - Early Retirement from Aviation - "Immigrant" in the Philippines

1994 - With Cristy foundet  LC T&T - La Carlota Tours & Travel 

1995 - Visayan Media:  A B N C - NEWS & COMMENTARIES  by  Alfred Bruckner

1995 - Member of Bacolod City Host Lions Club - MD 301 B1

1995 - December 21st - Divorced in Munich - according to Phils law - still "married"

1996 - Moved to Cebu and joined in Visayan Media

1998 - Cristy moved to Hamburg / Germany

2006 - R e t i r e d ... then in Munich - MPZ / Bayerisches Nationalmuseum

2010 - Chairman Local Chaper Schwabing Freimann - Sozialverband VdK

2013 - Became Melvin Jones Fellow - Lions Clubs International Foundation

2014 - May 18th - Engaged with Lion Betty, a Filipina from Negros

2016 - Moved from Munich-Schwabing to Betty's house in Bacolod

2016 - December 29th - The court in Bacolod did not recognize the divorce in Munich

2017 -  Alfred N. Bruckner  in  Steyr / Upper Austria

I moved to my home country Upper Austria and I'm living on the "Tabor" in Steyr, where I am "dahoam" since April 25th, 2017. As before in the Philippines and in Munich - I'm in several "Voluntary" Activities - among others with VITA MOBILE and in the RED CROSS.

2018 - Betty  and I performed until Summer  a "Long Distance Relationship" - very comon in the Philippines. Since then I am with Terry, a Filipina from Iloilo.

Catalina - Ina - Custiodio

C u r i o s i t y

Although 1995 divorced from my wife Catalina in Munich - married since 1987 - I am considered by Philippine law as married, because the court in Bacolod refused 2016 recognition.

So I've been engaged to Betty Tenaja on May 18th, 2014. We lived like Husband and Wife in a "Long Distance Relatonsship" ..... but only until the summer 2018.

More  -  just click  >>  Catalina - Ina


" T a b o r " .... in Steyr / Upper Austria - 242 stairsteps via the "Taborstiege" to the City ..... in the picture in the right upper corner ..... 242 Stufen auf der "Taborstiege" zur City - im Bild rechts oben

N o t e

Landeskrankenhaus Steyr / Upper Austria

Well, also in the light of my health situation - with among others a view to my thrombocytemya, which needs a consistent treatment - a return to my home country became necessary. At the hospital in Steyr I am on outpatient basis on the tumor station - in the best service and in excellent care.

N o t e


Nun, auch in Anbetracht meiner gesundheitlchen Situation mit -  unter anderem - Blick auf meine Thrombozytämie, die einer konsequenten Behandlung bedarf, war eine Rückkehr in meine Heimat notwendig geworden. Im Krankenaus Steyr bin ich ambulant auf der Tumor-Station in bester Betreuung und mit exzellenter Versorgung.


I would like to encourage "concerned" fellow human beings, to go out of themselves and to talk about "Bipolar". You can also write to me and I look forward to your comments which I will of course gladly answer!

Gerne will ich "betroffene" Mitmenschen anregen, aus sich heraus zu gehen und über "Bipolar" zu reden. Sie können mir auch schreiben und ich  freue mich auf Ihre Kommentare, die selbstverständlich beantwortet werden.

Full story  /  die ganze Geschichte

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