Betty Tenaja & Alfred Nigel Bruckner

Review / Preview

When we got to know each other about four years ago, I did not expect that one day we could become a couple.

Well, thanks to Facebook, we were able to stay in dialogue when I was back in Munich .... and so we got closer to each other, which then - in the spring of 2014 - led us to decide to go our other life together.

You were still married, but separated. Me too, because my marriage to Catalina since June 23rd, 1987, persisted - according to Philippine legal situation - further, although we were divorced since December 21st, 1995, in Munich. But that did not be valid in the Philippines, because there is no divorce here.

So we got engaged on May 18th, 2014, hoping to marry someday if there was a chance. And we celebrated "Honeymoon" in May and June 2014.

When you became a widow, there was no reason not to marry - if there had not been Filipino law as hindrance "in the way".

Did not do anything, so we just performed an in the Philippines very common practiced "LDR" - "Long Distance Relationship", because I was - although retired - further in Munich engaged in various "honorary engagements" - in the main at the Bavarian National Museum.

So I often came to "visit" you during the next few years.

In 2015, I tried in a case before the court in Bacolod to get the Munich divorce recognized in the Philippines.


I "invested" about 5,000 EURO - a quarter million Philippine pesos - in attorney's fees and fees in several court appointments, travel expenses, document translations and verification by Filipino authorities.

It did not help, because on December 29th, the court ruled that it could not "decide" because the divorce was abroad and concerned foreigners. Well, my Filipino wife Catalina became an Austrian in 1989 and it's me since birth.

So there was no possibility to marry again in the Philippines.

Moved to Bacolod

In 2016, I decided to give up my Munich apartment and the commitments and finally relocate from Munich-Schwabing to your house in Bacolod, which happened on December 8th.

But unfortunately, over time, "visits" turned out to be different than living together in the long term


We were more likely to "diverge" because we had some areas where we had different views.

With marriages it was - because of the legal situation - nothing synonymous .... until a possible kind of "bypass" was apparent and it could - albeit on "detours" - still could have been possible to conclude a marriage. There were only a few documents to get and - among other things - a certificate of marital status via the Austrian Embassy in Manila.

Well, it pulled down .... and we lived "next to each other" rather than "together." But this is another story. Anyway, this unfortunately led me to feel some sort of "pressure" - because of the wedding and the preparations - and then I answered your question, when do I (finally) apply for an appointment at the embassy with the Filipino word "Later".

That's it then and you found on March 16th, 2017, that we probably no longer be engaged and I took note of this and got me a plane ticket to Austria.

During Holy Week, I first landed in the house of my brother Christian in Hofkirchen, until on April 25th, 2017, I found an apartment on "Tabor" in Steyr and have since been there "dahoam".

Thank God, the contact between us has not stopped and after a few weeks you had mentioned in a mail the magic word "My Husband" .... and that's it.

So since 25th of July 2017 we are back in our "LDR" - you in Bacolod, me in Steyr.

A "good thing" had the matter nevertheless, because I - here in Steyr - can now continue the treatment of my thrombocytemia, which had begun years ago in the Klinikum Schwabing in Munich and I am now in the tumor ambulance of the State Hospital Steyr in very good Care.

On the positive side, I am making good progress and am on the - albeit long way - improvement and - hopefully soon - again at the checks "normality" in the blood tests.

If it's a bit of a hassle, our "LDR" will work and I will book a ticket to Bacolod as soon as possible to be with you.

I miss you very much!